Friday's Shoegasm and Fawk You Friday on Voting

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The new Christian Louboutin collection *double drool*  don't even want to know how much they cost.  I would probably have to work for six months just to pay for them.  But aren't they soooo pretty?!

Price: £119.00

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Fuck You to the Brackenhurst Voting Station who let the four of us stand in the queque freezing our arses off for 20 minutes before they told us we weren't registered at their pityful make-shift voting station.  Pffft!  We then had to go stand in the Meyersdal Voting Station queue for another hour and a half to put two piddly crosses on two silly ballot papers.  Does my vote really count?

Fuck you to MNet who air Australia's Master Chef every single fucking day on prime time.  How many boring cooking shows can we physically stomach before I spew my supper all over the screen?  Jaysus, give us some re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.  Even Knight Rider would be better than the junk you air for us.

Last one is a Fuck You to Winter in general.  Everyone knows I hate being cold.  I can't feel my toes anymore and my nose looks like a Poppy.  So not attractive.  Just Fuck Off and don't come back.  No one likes you.  You're annoying, so go be morbid and depressing somewhere else.