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Debora Comba (Galeria 4)

Lets Build a Home

Never Underestimate the Power of BullShit

Interesting Fact #1

A bull calf with high genetic potential may be reared for breeding purposes. It may be kept by a dairy farm as a herd bull, to provide natural breeding for the herd cows. A bull may service up to 50 or 60 cows during a breeding season. That's a lot of rumpy pumpy! 

Interesting Fact #2

Any more and the sperm count will decline, leading to cows "returning to service" (to be bred again).  More Fucking!  A herd bull may only stay for one season since over two years old their temperament becomes too unpredictable.  Only two years and you're out!

Bull calves intended for breeding commonly are bred on specialised dairy breeding farms, not production farms. These farms are the major source of stocks for artificial insemination.

So why is this Fucker selling them on Kalahari Ads for R160?? Does it really matter that they've "had enough colostrum"? Perhaps they've only got three legs...




A Friend In Need....Bloggers Conference

A brilliant blogger, Kelley over at Magneto to Bold has been begged asked invited to speak at the Aussie Bloggers Conference.  How about that for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?! 

However, this ol' girl needs some sponsors ... go on give a few coins to the ol' lass.  Every dollar helps right?

I wish we had a South African Bloggers Conference.  Anyone know anyone who could organise such an event for 2011?


Johannesburg is riddled with potholes!

Especially with all the rain we've been having over the last few months, they seem to pop up everywhere and they just get bigger and bigger over time.  We have two outside our house which started off as something relatively small and its now grown into a full blown Monster Pothole.

Looking out on to the road from our drive way.  Thats the small one.

We cringe when drivers speed down our road and we hear "Kaplonk!" and there goes another person's tyre or rim.  Our pothole is doing so much damage.

Standing in the road looking down our street
the Monster Pothole

to show you its size with my size 4 shoe next to it.
There are a couple of local websites to report your potholes.
Motorists can report potholes in several ways. There are two websites, http://www.leadsa.co.za/ or http://www.potholebrigade.co.za/. You can call *120*1551# on a cellphone and follow the instructions on the screen (normal MMS tariffs apply) or type potholebrigade.mobi on your cellphone.

Potholes can also be reported at roads@aasa.co.za

Rockin' It Saturday

Rock It, Jack!

Love the slide guitar...


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Halter Lace Dress with Leather Collar
2. Helmut Lang Shaped Blazer
3. Jordan Scott Rounded Diamond Ring
4. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in 'Fashion'
5. Sobral Camile Earrings in Black
6. Club Monaco Ostrich Feather Clutch
7. Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen Clog Booties

Dorismar (Galeria 5)

Conversations With Megan

Megan has just turned eight.  We had the following conversation last night.

Megan:  There's a boy teasing me in my class.  He's calling me "Sweetie Pie" but all sarcastic.

Me:  Do you know what sarcastic means?

Megan:  Yes!  Like when you say "Oh yeah you look great" when you know they don't.

Me :  Yeah, like that.

(Sarcasm is rife in our house - my kids had to learn to deal with it and understand it very early in life)

Me:  *Gives the usual confidence booster/bully speech* Don't let anyone get to you, Megan.  He's the silly little boy for calling you names.  Insult  him back!  Thinking of something to say to him that will make him think twice about coming back and annoying you.

Megan:  What do I say?

Me:  Tell him to talk to the hand, hold up your hand like this, give a bit of the old attitude, then call him a Silly Little Boy.  Boys your age detest to be called silly and little and boys. 

Megan:  Oh! *pondering*....Mum, do me a favour...

Me:  Sure, Megan...

Megan:  Lick my bum and tell me what flavour it is.  Next Please! *holding the palm on her hand up with ATTITUDE*

Me :  WHAT?!!

Megan very quickly:  Like that mum?

Me : *laughing my arse off*  Yeah just like that Megan.

With much disapproval from her Daddy...

Daddy:  You can't say that!

Me:  Why not?!  That little bugger is calling my baby ugly names!  He deserves some attitude and an insult or two.

Daddy:  What if there's a teacher nearby. Then you'll be punished.

Megan whispering to me :  I still think its funny *giggle*

So did I...

This is what The Boerewors suggested:


I'm no model and I'm okay with that because I really don't want to look like a Whippet or a Skank Ass Ho - 55

Its Freaky Friday
Lets get Jiggy
Put yer party had on and
Wiggle your bum and shimmy those shoulders
Grab a partner, girate a pose and smouler
A glass of wine should help the mood along
Some funky music to sing-a-long
Yeah its Friday
And its
Lets rock it, Fuckers!

Go ahead and offend as many skanks with these Bizarre T-shirts or Foul-Mouthed T-shirts.

I could totally work ANY of these bitches...


vogue germany 2001

a decade later + oh so relevant.