Johannesburg is riddled with potholes!

Especially with all the rain we've been having over the last few months, they seem to pop up everywhere and they just get bigger and bigger over time.  We have two outside our house which started off as something relatively small and its now grown into a full blown Monster Pothole.

Looking out on to the road from our drive way.  Thats the small one.

We cringe when drivers speed down our road and we hear "Kaplonk!" and there goes another person's tyre or rim.  Our pothole is doing so much damage.

Standing in the road looking down our street
the Monster Pothole

to show you its size with my size 4 shoe next to it.
There are a couple of local websites to report your potholes.
Motorists can report potholes in several ways. There are two websites, http://www.leadsa.co.za/ or http://www.potholebrigade.co.za/. You can call *120*1551# on a cellphone and follow the instructions on the screen (normal MMS tariffs apply) or type potholebrigade.mobi on your cellphone.

Potholes can also be reported at roads@aasa.co.za