Gross Google Image Search

Most of you Plonkers know that I’m a fan of freaky shit.  Yeah, all the disgusting things that others hate to look at - contortionists, swallowing swords, gory vehicle accident victims.  I hate to look but I can’t look away.  Urgh!  They make me feel sick!  But I dare not look away.  I can’t help it.  Anything that says “Not for the feint hearted” I just have to watch! 
I used to have a dedicated weekly post slot called Freaky Fridays because of my love for everything weird and whacky.  Well, here’s something to do if you’re bored at work.  Things which I’ve stumbled over on my Google Image Searches that will make yer toes curl and awaken yer gag reflex.  

I am rating them from 20 down to 1.


18. Obese

15. Goiter

2.  Herpes

And a bonus search Smegma.
Now go eat yer lunch!  Or go watch 2 Girls 1 Cup!

Or Go and caption my newest Freaky Photo Competition #8