Nothing rhymes with Orange

Most of you know how I'm obsessed and adore anything ORANGE, right?  Its such a happy, cheerful colour and if I could have everything orange I would.  Hell, even my car is orange...

The Orange Beast - FF ST
 Anyhoo, I came across The Really Annoying Orange Channel on YouTube the other day and thought I might share it.  Its so random, so cheesy but it made me giggle - but just a little.

I still can't believe this bloke sits around all day and thinks up these cheesy lines, edits video and posts his wee "Orange" videos for the world to see.

See what I mean about cute orange stuff?
My adorable orange shades
Nine West Orange Heels
You won't get a more gorgeous bunch of flowers
Orange Nano iPod
Then theirs the orange sunset
Orange Nails