Adults are Obsolete Children

Don't be in a hurry to be all "adult" and "how society wants us to be".  Stay silly and stay young at heart!

Who wants to be like all those other sheep-following fuckers that put on brave faces and do everything that society wants them to do?  Don't swear too much, don't dye your hair all colours of the rainbow, don't match your shoes and handbag, don't laugh too loud or raise your voice.  Does that stuff really matter?  Do you really care what people say?

Staying young-at-heart requires the following:

Postive Attitude

The best part of having a positive attitude is finding delight and humour in everyday life. Unfortunate incidents only become interesting challenges if looked at the right way. To keep a positive attitude, exercise your humour - laughing keeps the body young and the mind even younger.  When was the last time you exploded in laughter? I'm not talking a wee snigger, I'm talking thigh-slapping belly laughs that have you in tears and leave your cheeks feeling sore.  Mine was recently when my 7 year old tom-boy girl-child came out with something super original and it had me laughing so hard I got a headache.

Be silly, act like a kid, jump on your bed naked, dance like no one is watching.  There's no shame in getting in touch with your inner toddler.

Learn to Laugh

Not only is it great to stay silly but you need to learn to laugh at yourself - Some of the most fun I've ever had was when I've done something so daft that I can only laugh at myself.  Being able to take responsibility for my own idiotic acts and enjoy the hell out of them helps me stay young and gives others something to laugh at the same time - it's a win-win situation (well, it's not always 'win' on my side but its still fucking funny). 

Don't follow the sheep
Young at heart has nothing to do with how you dress but, while we're at it, there's no need at all for a 40 year old body to be clothed in a bikini made for a 20 year old. I don't care how hot you think you look, no one wants to see mutton dressed as lamb.  It's just fucking trashy.   And, what's up with squeezing your chubby form into those hipster jeans with your muffin top hanging over the side.  Its not attractive however trendy you think you look.  Dress appropriately.

However, don't conform.  If you want to wear stripey knee socks and dye your Love Rug green - why not?  I may be nearly 40 but I'm not fucking dead!  I'm not harming anyone by being original.  You can still display your originality on the outside without imitating Bozo the Clown.   
Less Drama

Drama should be banned! Drama must be banned! Share your love of life with others - surround yourself with people who understand you and like the things you do.  Don't keep friendships that are negative and drop those who thrive on drama - drama is just a waste of time. Even friendships that you've had for years change. Hopefully, you and your friends change in the same direction, but we all know that's not necessarily true. Find people who share your passion and enjoy the time you spend with them.  If they're dragging you down, Next! and move on.

Find Passion

Finding your passion will also keep you young at heart.  Sometimes it takes time to figure out what your passion is.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime but some are lucky and find out early and follow it and develop it.  When you eventually find out what your passion is - treasure and nuture it.  Now, I don't mean spending tons of cash, hours on e-bay collecting and surrounding yourself in Star Wars memoribilia. I mean find what makes you happy, what makes you talk until the cows come home.  Its easier than you think.    

Try New Things
Don't turn yer nose up at a new dish someone suggests at a restaurant you normally wouldn't go to.  Go to the new restarant, try the dish - its all about experiencing new things.  If you hate it, really, what do you have to lose?  Order something else, at least you know now what you don't like. There's no sense getting the same old thing on the menu everything you eat out.  You may be missing out on something out-of-this-world!

Be true to who you are.  Don't be shy to share your opinions, however daft you think they may be.