Mouthy Mamas Hop Too

Head on over to Aims  at The mom who stayed sober for 
Mouthy Mamas Hop Too  today and find some more mouth mamas to read and follow. 

Go sign up!

Aims, I fuckin heart your face off, gurl - your blog is awesome and thanx for the shout out!

Here are some of the circus leaders:



and me aka The Daft Scots Lass, of course

The Rules

1. Follow all 4 Mouthy Mama hostesses. They fucking Rock!
2. Link up to our hop and tell your non-family friendly blogger friends! 
3. This link up is for blogs rated Pg13 and up ONLY!!!
4. We're Biatches... and we're gonna be checking out your mouth sites!! Don't make us fucking delete your rainbow world and cupcake land rated G only shithole sites, YOU have a million of family friendly blog hops to choose from! 
5. Read the blogs you follow... none of this.. "follow me, I follow you"  crap ... I've got no time for that fucking bullshit.

Over and Out Fuckers!