Flash Fiction Friday 55 and Fawk You Friday

I'm back!!!

Gosh, FFF55ers I couldn't stay away..
I got far too many withdrawal symptoms from not writing my weekly 55s.  
Don't judge me - please just forgive me and have me back, G-Man

I neglected my Friday 55 
Not my finest decision 
The void it left was unexpected 
More than my lack of prose precision 

So here I am, I return 
Pleading to be taken back 
Into the crowd of 55 writers
Who fulfilled my writer’s heart. 

Exonerate, punish, reprimand and chide 
FFF55 is where my spirits reside.

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It gives you a chance to vent your frustrations for the week:
  • Fuck you to the bad-ass gastro virus that attacked my Boerewors and had him flat on his back in bed all day yesterday.  Poor bugger suffered and the place stank like shite.
  • Fuck you to the pityful spittles of rain we had this week.  You're just teasing us!  Didn't you hear my numerous loud requests for a true African thunderstorm downpour? Light rain is enough to just piss me the fuck off.  You know, just enough to make my fucking car dirty, not enough to really saturate the garden and settle all the dust that is making our sinuses dribble all over the damn place.
  • Fuck you to the South African community that don't celebrate Halloween in any way shape or form.  Because of the customs of this country, I am unable to dess up in my hawt witches party costume and go trick-or-treating.  Most of you Fuckers know how much I adore chocolate and candy.  C'mon, give a girl a break!
  • Fuck you to the corn snake that found its way into our garden and scared the living shite outta me.  I nearly had fucking heart failure, demmit.  I hope that slithery Fucker didn't lay its eggs somewhere in a dark corner because if I have to deal with your babies, I will have a fucking stroke for sure!

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