Fawk You Friday

Yeah, Its Fawk You Friday again over at Boobies. Give her a whirl!

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  • Fuck You to the little bitches that were mean to my wee KK about dressing in boy's clothes and teasing her about it.  One day she'll kick your skinny, twinkly arses!
  • Fuck You to smoothies.  I've been on a liquid diet all week and now I need a wee bit of REAL food.  Back to smoothies on Monday but I need some substance this weekend.  Bring on the texture Fuckers!
  • Fuck You to people who keep cocking me around (you know who you are) and leaving everything until 99.  Its frustrating and it pisses this PMS Bitch off! 

At least there is always shoes to put a smile on my dial hosted by Boobies.

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 Dolce Vita Trinity
Jessica Simpson Heels $90 http://www.heels.com/
Iron Fist Heels $55 at http://www.heels.com/
Guess $90 at http://www.heels.com/
Dont Hold Yer Breath Iron Fist Heels $50 at www.heels.com

Have a Kick Ass Weekend!!