55 Flash Fiction Friday - Episode 16

Join me in playing this writing game with hundreds of other bloggers
including G-Man, Steveroni and Brian Miller  called 55 Flash
Fiction Fridays.

My mother gave me life 

She also gave me love 

She nurtured my soul 

and moulded my essence 

I owe a lot to her 

For the person I am today 

Mum shaped my character 

Taught us right from wrong 

Wish I was closer to you 

To give a little back 

And Be there for you.

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I want to say Fuck You to the following:

  • My squeeky double bed.  I really need a new one and this time I'm buying a KING!

  • Fuck you to the SARS and efiling support centre asswipes who can't reset my username and password so that I can do my tax returns.

  • Fuck you to the shitbag customer who bought something from me and now refuses to pay or admit that she got the stuff.

  • To the three chocolates I ate yesterday -Fuck you for tempting me and moving the evil calories to my Derriere.

  • Last but not least the church who stole my original poem and using it in one of their services without my permission.