Stardom? I never touch the stuff.

Have you ever been told you look familiar?  Have you ever been told by a complete stranger that you're a dead ringer for a celebrity?

I have.  

Yesterday, in fact.

There I am minding my own business at the local Spar Supermarket buying my weekly fruit, cereal bars and yoghurt for the lunch boxes, when this woman behind me the check out queue smiles at me.  

I thought either she's a loony or she's just being polite - so I smile back at her. know when someone stares at for you for just TOO LONG and you start feeling uncomfortable?  You know, like my post I made earlier in the week about staring into the back of someone's head until they turn around...yeah like that...

Handing my debit card to the cashier, I give Loony Woman a sideways glance and she's still grinning and staring into the side of my head.  Eventually she pipes up:  "I'm sorry but you remind me of someone".  I grinned at her and said "Oh?".  She looks at me for another couple of seconds and says: "That actress.. Julianne Moore!" and beams an expression that probably meant she was so fucking chuffed with herself for remembering the actress' name. 

All embarrassed, I say "Thank you very much, I think"  and yip she's still grinning...fucking loony toonz.

Now I know that Julianne Moore isn't a A-list actress and probably not the on the B-List either, but I am incredibly flattered when someone mentions this, because its not the first time someone has said it either.  And...I consider Julianne to be quite attractive (in ginger terms) and so its quite an honour to be told I look like her.

Have you ever been told you look like a celeb?  If so, who is it?


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This week's Fawk Yous:

Fuck you to the Loony Woman who creeped me out by sideways staring me yesterday in the supermarket queue.

Fuck You to the bullies that influence my sweet wee Megan and try and turn her into a bully herself!  Little Fuckers, I'll knock their blocks off.

Fuck you all the chocolate Easter Eggs in the shops at the moment.  They are so tempting!  My thighs - My thighs!


Right, so all of you know how much I love my heels and I'm happy to say that there's a new Friday link up over at  Boobies.  Go link up for Friday Shoegasm and shows us yer heels!  You know I'll love it.

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