Laugh Out Loud Award

It been a while since I received a blog award.  I was actually beginning to think that no one reads my wee blog anymore and that my sense of humour is far too twisted to be understood.  I was starting to think that I was the only one on my wicked wave-length...

Anyhoo, a huge thank you to the drop dead gorgeous, Jen "The Pen" Scavone over at The Sparkling Diamond who bestoved this LOL award upon wee moi!  Thank you, gurl...heart your face off!  At least I make one person smile...

The rules for this Award are as follows:
- Link to the person who awarded you.
- Seven unknown facts about yourself.
- Award to seven other people.

1.  I'd love to go back to Scotland for a touristy visit, to go skiiking, see the sights.
2.  My mouth is just like my arse;  big and in yer face.
3.  We are about to rip up our laminated wooden flooring and replacing the entire house with tiles.  I'm really excited about the change but I'm not looking forward to the fucking mess.
4.  I dreamt last night that my littlest got lost at a festival and I spent ages frantically looking for her and calling out her name.  It was the worst nightmare I've had in years!  I woke up just wanting to make sure she was okay and safe.
5.  I love a cuppa tea and a biscuit in the morning.  Aaaaaaa cuppa tea.
6.  I'm off to the hair dresser today to get them to fix up my rats tails.
7.  It's important to get a reaction and jump-start some kind of emotion out of people when they listen to what you're about.

And now..... I give this award to people who make me laugh out loud on a regular basis.

This Copyboy at  NOT WORTH MENTIONING NEVER fails to make me laugh and spit tea on my keyboard on occassion.

My girl, Kelley over at Magento Bold Too has a way to make the most mundane things sound hysterically funny.  She's wickedly clever and one of the best mum's I know...

A local dude, Griffin over at Watkykjy and Fok Jou Projek never fails to get me giggling with his box of chocolate of a blog and his plenty followers' comments.

Jason over at Out-Numbered is an incredibly funny dad and children's book author, who shares stories about being a family man.  He makes me chuckle a lot which makes me read his posts twice coz I want to enjoy it over and over.

Hitch up yer wagon and head over to Australian SAHM aka Stay At Home Madness for a giggle in every post.