Sensational SAVAGE

So, Plonkers...

There's a brand spanking noo magazine on our local shelves!  It's fresh, young and funky.

It's called SAVAGE and it hit our shelves in January this year for the very first time.  Finally, a mag that us "brand junkies" can sink our Hooker Heels into.

The next issue due on the shelves any day now, features my favourite clothing and heel brand, Iron Fist.  Finally, I may just find a store in Johannesburg that I can buy my beloved heels from.

On top of that, a wee birdie told me that local greek beauty, Kylie Costopolous is going to be on the cover clad in Iron First bikini.  Hot HAWT HOT!  

Better not miss it...Click HERE and go visit their website.  

(Pssst!  I have the perfect Daft Scot in mind to get their Savage Blog up and running online).